Theme Hook Suggestion Patterns

Base Templates

The following base templates are part of Bartik: comment.tpl.php, comment-wrapper.tpl.php, maintenance-page.tpl.php, node.tpl.php, page.tpl.php. Additionally, the core taxonomy module defines the taxonomy-term.tpl.php template.

find all of the templates in your site install

from within your site’s root directory run one of the following commands and optionally redirect the output (it’s long) into a file.

find . -name '*.tpl.php' -print

or if you’re using zsh:

ls **/*.tpl.php

Copy Base Template into your theme or module and customize it

Decide what template you’d like to override and copy it into your module or theme folder.

cp modules/taxonomy/taxonomy-term.tpl.php sites/all/modules/custom/amazing-mod/theme/taxonomy-term.tpl.php

Rename file to a specific taxonomy vocabulary or term id

The pattern for overriding a taxonomy template is taxonomy-term--[vocabulary-machine-name|tid].tpl.php. In our case we are going to override the template for the education_session, so we rename the template thus:

cd  sites/all/modules/custom/amaaazing-mod/theme/
mv taxonomy-term.tpl.php taxonomy-term--education-session.tpl.php

Notice that we changed the underscores in the machine-name to dashes.

Additional Notes

Don’t Forget: replace _ with - in field and taxonomy-term machine names

For instance, the taxonomy term education_session would become education-session in the Theme Hook Suggestion: taxonomy-term--education-session.tpl.php

If you cannot see changes: clear caches

drush cc all

Create a template file for your module

Implement hook_theme()

Implement hook_theme() and define your template file.

 * Implements hook_theme().
function amazing_mod_hook_theme() {
  return array(
    'amazing-item' => array(
        'variables' => ('item' => NULL),
        'template' => 'amazing-item',

and create the file

vim theme/amazing-item.tpl.php